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Katie Britt

Best fundraiser rewards. When Donors get memorable rewards, they are willing to donate higher amounts, like $150 or $250 get a custom watch. Ideal for you when a major Donor offers to buy such pack.

These are several Mock draft ideas. Any image can be inserted, or a mix of watches. Watches can be Leather bands brown or black, or stainless steel straps black, silver, rose-golden.  We can mix the styles too.

Below is a gallery with different designs.  Rates are on the “Bundle Deal” page with 10, 50 or a special saver with 100 watches. Shipping included. It can be shipped to each donor direct or all to your office. Several ways how to deliver.

We have different watch styles available, with folding clasp, ultra-thin, etc. but they are more costly, and for individual purchases or special occasions.


  • Designed For Unisex

Premium ultra-thin watch records every your precious moments! Suitable stylish casual life.

Key Features

 Premium SEIKO Quartz Movement

Provides accurate timing for your daily life occasions.

 Premium Stainless Steel Case & Leather Bands

High density 304 stainless steel case and leather bands, electroplated process to get great glossiness and various colors. No allergy.

Adjust/Care Instructions

 SONY 377 SR626SW (1.55V) battery supported, easy to replace, or fix.

 Wipe the dust off gently with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.